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Welcome to The Make Money Robot


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Hey guys! My name is Mark and I´m a seasoned trader that has earned thousands of dollars with an automated trading software called Make Money Robot. I´ve just created this blog called http://topad99.over-blog.com because I wanna share my knowledge of how to trade with Binary Options, even if you are newbie and you have no idea about how it works, or what the Binary Options are, this blog will be an important resource for you to learn how to begin in this adventure. Back in 2011 I was broke, basically I was unemployed and without money, obviously I was in a tough situation. I´ve spent a lot of money to be profitable, I’ve bought books, I´ve seen every video about how to make money in internet, maybe you are like me, you´ve done exactly the same. A couple of month ago I´ve discovered an automated trading software called Make Money Robot, but what´s that? Well, MakeMoneyRobot.com it´s an automated trading system that will help you out to get the most out of the financial market with just pressing a button..yes, just pressing one button and wait for the market flows. My blog will help you understand how to start trading in Binary Options with MakeMoneyRobot and you´ll earn money everyday with my tutorials. I will ask you for some things in order to start working together and make this relationship profitable.

  • Guts
  • Patience
  • An account on a specific broker ( I will guide you through, nothing fancy)
  • Being consistent

Binary Options, Binary what?!?!?

When we talk about Binary Options, we talk about finances, you may have heard about Forex and Stocks, well, Binary Options are not new in the market but it´s a niche that´s booming right now, why? Simple, these options are very easy to understand for newbies or persons that have no previous knowledge about the financial market. Even for pros, these type of options could give an incredible ROI. If you are eager to earn easy money, you just only need to decide if an asset (currencies, commodities, indices or stocks) goes Up or Down, yeah!, if an asset like could close upside or downside. If we are extremely lucky and we hit this operation we will grab up to 85% of earnings and if we lose we only recover up to 5%. Well Zach, how we connect the Binary Options and this automated trading platform? It´s easy, extremely easy. The Make Money Robot will work for you, yes, like you read, when regular traders are expending hours checking financial graphs or wasting their money on impossible strategies, the robot will work for you just pressing one button. I´ve just earned more than 120k with this robot, are you interested to learn how?

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